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Brand new HMM ALGECIRAS is passing Hamburg Blankenese on a rather cloudy morning on June 7th, 2020.
Built: 2020| IMO No.: 9863297 | Gross tonnage: 228,283 | Flag: Panama | Container capacity: 23,964 TEUHMM Algeciras002She is the very first so called Megamax-24 vessel to call the port of Hamburg.

HMM Algeciras003The first tug boat needs to be attached the very beginning of the Hamburg port area.

HMM Algeciras009The harbor pilot is entering shortly after entry in the port area as well.

HMM Algeciras022Even though the draft was only 12.6 metres, her deck load with up tp 9 tiers of highcube containers is still very impressive.

HMM Algeciras023On the picture you can clearly see the construction of a new lighthouse which will be necessary due to the river Elbe deepening.

HMM Algeciras025Upon arrival in Hamburg the she must turn into Waltershofer Hafen. This time she is assisted by four tug boats as the turning basin is very narrow.

HMM Algeciras030She is scheduled to berth at HHLA’s Container Terminal Burchardkai.

HMM Algeciras033According to local sources during this call HHLA will move around 8.500 boxes which equals roughly 13.600 TEU.

HMM Algeciras040 HMM Algeciras049 HMM Algeciras050Impressive 61.5 m or 24 containers of width.

HMM Algeciras058Departure is scheduled for June 10th.

On time on June 10th, 2020 She left Hamburg again.
Following shots were taken in the evening off Cuxhaven  – finally in sunlight:-)

HMM Algeciras01 HMM Algeciras06 HMM Algeciras11 HMM Algeciras18 HMM Algeciras15