Grounding of CSCL Indian Ocean on river Elbe

In the evening of February 3rd , 2016, around 10.20 p.m. the CSCL Indian Ocean ran aground close to Grünendeich most certainly due to a rudder failure.

On February 7th, 2016 I was able to take some shots of the stranded vessel.

CSCL Indian Ocean09CSCL Indian Ocean still at her position off the fairway.

Panorama CSCL Indian OceanThe panorama view shows all vessels operating around the vessel.
Most vessels are tug boats or dredgers.

610_0799The inland vessel Dresden II is just leaving the scene with MDO which it pumped off the CSCL Indian Ocean in order to lighten the ship.

DSC_8498Thousands of visitors came to the river in order to get a view at the scene. Even the traffic information on the radio mentioned the chaos alongside the river on both riverbanks.

610_1040 610_1043Very impressive was the passage of 13,000 TEU container vessel Hanjin Asia passing by the scene with a draft of 14.2 metres.

The CSCL Indian Ocean will most certainly have to stay in her position till Tuesday February 9th, 2016 since this will be the time with the next spring tide. Until this moment the only thing the salvage staff can do is dredging the area as well as pumping all ballastwater as well as all fuel out of the ship.



Atlantic Star

Atlantic Star29 Atlantic Star77 Atlantic Star107 Atlantic Star110 Atlantic Star126The brand new ro/ro container vessel Atlantic Star is arriving in Hamburg on December 09th, 2015 at the end of her maiden voyage.
The new vessel is coming straight from its building yard in Shanghai, China and is the biggest conro vessel ever built.
She is due to phase in ACL’s transatlantic service on December 19th.
Built: 2015 | IMO No.: 9670573 | Gross tonnage: 100,430 | Flag: United Kingdom | Cargo capacity: 3,809 TEU and 5,270 lane metres

Celebrity Silhouette

Celebrity Silhouette005 Celebrity Silhouette009 Celebrity Silhouette013 Celebrity Silhouette017Celebrity Silhouette is arriving in Warnemünde in the morning of July 05th, 2015.
IMO number: 9451094 | Built: 2011 | Shipyard: Jos. L. Meyer Werft, Papenburg, Germany | Gross tonnage (ton): 121,878 | Power output (KW): 91,364 | Maximum Speed (kn): 24 | Overall length (m): 315.00 | Overall beam (m): 36.80 | Maximum draught (m): 8.30 | Maximum passenger capacity: 2,850 | Homeport / Flag: Valetta / Malta | owner/operator: Celebrity Cruises


Ghazal02 Ghazal17 Ghazal18The fully laden very large crude carrier Ghazal is arriving in Rotterdam on September 28th, 2015.
Built: 2009 | IMO No.: 9387009 | Gross tonnage: 160,782 | Flag: Saudi Arabia | Cargo capacity: 336,500 m³

Malo Seaways

Malo Seaways07 Malo Seaways06 Malo Seaways00Malo Seaways is crossing the Strait of Dover between Calais and Dover on May 10th, 2015.
Built: 2000 | IMO No.: 9215505 | Gross tonnage: 24,206 | Flag: Malta | Cargo capacity: 1,949 lane metres

Atlantic Runner

General cargo vessel Atlantic Runner is coming to Hamburg for a very short stopover of only 90 minutes on September 11th, 2015.

Atlantic Runner003 Atlantic Runner012Atlantic Runner is passing Otterndorf in the early morning bound for Hamburg.

Atlantic Runner017 Atlantic Runner024 Atlantic Runner031Atlantic Runner is passing Cuxhaven bound for St. Petersburg.
Built: 1992 | IMO No.: 8902307 | Gross tonnage: 16,075 | Flag: Malta | Cargo capacity: 728 TEU and 900 lane metres


Saaremaa01 Saaremaa06Saaremaa is arriving in Cuxhaven from Brunsbüttel on September 02nd, 2015 shortly after a strong rain shower.
Built: 2010 | IMO No.: 9474072 | Gross tonnage: 5,233 | Flag: Estonia | Passenger capacity: 600 | Cargo capacity: 160 cars or 16 trucks and 55 cars

Hansa Bremen

Hansa Bremen02 Hansa Bremen04 Hansa Bremen13Refrigerated vessel Hansa Bremen is passing Cuxhaven in the evening of September 02nd, 2015.
Built: 1989 | IMO No.: 8802088 | Gross tonnage: 10,842 | Flag: Barbados | Cargo capacity: 16,696 m³ and 209 TEU on deck

ocean ship pictures by Christian Costa