Saaremaa01 Saaremaa06Saaremaa is arriving in Cuxhaven from Brunsbüttel on September 02nd, 2015 shortly after a strong rain shower.
Built: 2010 | IMO No.: 9474072 | Gross tonnage: 5,233 | Flag: Estonia | Passenger capacity: 600 | Cargo capacity: 160 cars or 16 trucks and 55 cars

Hansa Bremen

Hansa Bremen02 Hansa Bremen04 Hansa Bremen13Refrigerated vessel Hansa Bremen is passing Cuxhaven in the evening of September 02nd, 2015.
Built: 1989 | IMO No.: 8802088 | Gross tonnage: 10,842 | Flag: Barbados | Cargo capacity: 16,696 m³ and 209 TEU on deck


Seascout005 Seascout008 Seascout020 Seascout030Crude oil tanker Seascout is steaming through the Skagerrak in strong winds off the coast of Skaw on June 03rd, 2015.
Built: 2004 | IMO No.: 9255660 | Gross tonnage: 57,301 | Flag: Malta | Cargo capacity: 115,604 m³

Vera Rambow

Vera Rambow00 Vera Rambow14Feeder vessel Vera Rambow is passing Cuxhaven on March 30th, 2009.

Vera Rambow00_2Feeder vessel Vera Rambow is passing Müggendorf on May 03rd, 2014.

Vera Rambow00 (2) Vera Rambow01Feeder vessel Vera Rambow is moored at NTB, Bremerhaven on May 02nd, 2014.

Vera Rambow00 (3) Vera Rambow04Feeder vessel Vera Rambow is passing Lühe on July 18th, 2013.
Built: 2008 | IMO No.: 9200689 | Gross tonnage: 17,488 | Flag: Germany | Container capacity: 1,404 TEU


ThetisFeeder vessel Thetis arrived directly after delivery in March 2009 in Cuxhaven. She is seen here waiting for her first employment at Cuxhaven Europabrücke on April 14th, 2009.
Built: 2009 | IMO No.: 9372274 | Gross tonnage: 17,488 | Flag: Luxemburg | Container capacity: 1,404 TEU


MSC Zoe01 MSC Zoe04 MSC Zoe10 MSC Zoe12 MSC Zoe15 MSC Zoe17MSC Zoe is passing Cuxhaven during her maiden voyage on August 01st, 2015. The vessel is bound for Hamburg where the christening ceremony will be held. Therefore MSC loaded empty MSC boxes all around the vessel.
Officially the MSC Zoe and her sistervessels are the biggest container vessels ever built. Inoffically UASC’s 19,000 TEU class is a little bit bigger.
Built: 2015 | IMO No.: 9703318 | Gross tonnage: 192,237 | Flag: Panama | Container capacity: 19,224 TEU

ocean ship pictures by Christian Costa