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MSC Gülsün is arriving on her maiden voyage in Bremerhaven on August 19th, 2019.
MSC Gülsün is the very first so called MEGAMAX-24 vessel to call a North European port.
At her delivery in July she was the biggest containership ever built but in the meantime the slightly bigger MSC Mina gained this title.
The picture shows the MSC Gülsün arriving in Bremerhaven, the very first North European port ever called by a vessel of this size.
Built: 2019 | IMO No.: 9839430 | Gross tonnage: 232,618 | Flag: Panama | Container capacity: 22,960 TEU
MSC Gülsün000MSC Gülsün arrived directly from the Spanish port of Algeciras in Bremerhaven and was warmly welcomed by local tug boats.

MSC Gülsün003She arrived in very windy and rainy weather conditions but was berthed without any problems.

MSC Gülsün012MSC Gülsün is a so called Megamax-24 type containership. Meaning 24 bays in length, 24 boxes on top of each other (12 below and 12 on deck) and 24 boxes in width.

MSC Gülsün025As MSC Gülsün arrived straight from Algeciras, Bremerhaven is now the very first port in the North Range to be called by such a huge vessel.

MSC Gülsün033The huge funnel is the result of an installation with SOx scrubbers
to comply with the IMO 2020 sulphur (oxide) emission regulations.

MSC Gülsün043In Bremerhaven vessels of this size need to berth with starbord side alongside and therefore are turned in a special turning area.

MSC Gülsün045MSC Gülsün was assisted by three tug boats. Two aft and one forward of the vessel.

MSC Gülsün049MSC Gülsün and all vessels of her size will be the first containerships to have more than 60 metres of width (61,51 m).

MSC Gülsün064After turning the vessel can proceed backwards towards her berth at MSCGate terminal, Bremerhaven.

MSC Gülsün077Almost there..

MSC Gülsün090MSC Gülsün was alongside in Bremerhaven for around 29 hours and left the port on time on the day after towards Gdansk, Poland.



MSC Asya

MSC Asya01 MSC Asya30MSC Asya is passing Cuxhaven bound for Bremerhaven on September 16th, 2009.
Built: 2008 | IMO No.: 9339296 | Gross tonnage: 107,849 | Flag: Panama | Container capacity: 9,178 TEU

MSC Asya05 MSC Asya11MSC Asya is passing Stadersand through the icy waters of the river Elbe on February 17th, 2010.



MSC Zoe01 MSC Zoe04 MSC Zoe10 MSC Zoe12 MSC Zoe15 MSC Zoe17MSC Zoe is passing Cuxhaven during her maiden voyage on August 01st, 2015. The vessel is bound for Hamburg where the christening ceremony will be held. Therefore MSC loaded empty MSC boxes all around the vessel.
Officially the MSC Zoe and her sistervessels are the biggest container vessels ever built. Inoffically UASC’s 19,000 TEU class is a little bit bigger.
Built: 2015 | IMO No.: 9703318 | Gross tonnage: 192,237 | Flag: Panama | Container capacity: 19,224 TEU

MSC Oscar

MSC Oscar02 MSC Oscar05 MSC Oscar08 MSC Oscar15 MSC Oscar23 MSC Oscar25 is arriving in Bremerhaven during her maiden voyage on March 05th, 2015. Today the MSC Oscar and her upcoming sistervessels are the biggest container vessels ever built.
Built: 2014 | IMO No.: 9703291 | Gross tonnage: 192,237 | Flag: Panama | Container capacity: 19,224 TEU

Vargas Trader

Vargas Trader00Vargas Trader is passing Bath on June 09th, 2015. Former CSAV Brasilia is coming staright from Blohm & Voss yard, Hamburg, were it was renamed to her owner’s name.
Built: 2010 | IMO No.: 9437062 | Gross tonnage: 52,726 | Flag: Liberia | Container capacity: 5,301 TEU

Vargas Trader01 Vargas Trader09Vargas Trader is passing Griete on June 11th, 2015.
Built: 2010 | IMO No.: 9437062 | Gross tonnage: 52,726 | Flag: Liberia | Container capacity: 5,301 TEU

MSC Katie

MSC Katie02 MSC Katie06 MSC Katie07 MSC Katie09MSC Katie is passing Cuxhaven on February 19th, 2015.
This is the first MSC vessel on the river Elbe since the year 2013 and the first appearance of the vessel on the river Elbe.
Built: 2012 | IMO No.: 9467457 | Gross tonnage: 140,096 | Flag: Panama | Container capacity: 12,400 TEU