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Brand new HMM ALGECIRAS is passing Hamburg Blankenese on a rather cloudy morning on June 7th, 2020.
Built: 2020| IMO No.: 9863297 | Gross tonnage: 228,283 | Flag: Panama | Container capacity: 23,964 TEUHMM Algeciras002She is the very first so called Megamax-24 vessel to call the port of Hamburg.

HMM Algeciras003The first tug boat needs to be attached the very beginning of the Hamburg port area.

HMM Algeciras009The harbor pilot is entering shortly after entry in the port area as well.

HMM Algeciras022Even though the draft was only 12.6 metres, her deck load with up tp 9 tiers of highcube containers is still very impressive.

HMM Algeciras023On the picture you can clearly see the construction of a new lighthouse which will be necessary due to the river Elbe deepening.

HMM Algeciras025Upon arrival in Hamburg the she must turn into Waltershofer Hafen. This time she is assisted by four tug boats as the turning basin is very narrow.

HMM Algeciras030She is scheduled to berth at HHLA’s Container Terminal Burchardkai.

HMM Algeciras033According to local sources during this call HHLA will move around 8.500 boxes which equals roughly 13.600 TEU.

HMM Algeciras040 HMM Algeciras049 HMM Algeciras050Impressive 61.5 m or 24 containers of width.

HMM Algeciras058Departure is scheduled for June 10th.

On time on June 10th, 2020 She left Hamburg again.
Following shots were taken in the evening off Cuxhaven  – finally in sunlight:-)

HMM Algeciras01 HMM Algeciras06 HMM Algeciras11 HMM Algeciras18 HMM Algeciras15


MSC Gülsün is arriving on her maiden voyage in Bremerhaven on August 19th, 2019.
MSC Gülsün is the very first so called MEGAMAX-24 vessel to call a North European port.
At her delivery in July she was the biggest containership ever built but in the meantime the slightly bigger MSC Mina gained this title.
The picture shows the MSC Gülsün arriving in Bremerhaven, the very first North European port ever called by a vessel of this size.
Built: 2019 | IMO No.: 9839430 | Gross tonnage: 232,618 | Flag: Panama | Container capacity: 22,960 TEU
MSC Gülsün000MSC Gülsün arrived directly from the Spanish port of Algeciras in Bremerhaven and was warmly welcomed by local tug boats.

MSC Gülsün003She arrived in very windy and rainy weather conditions but was berthed without any problems.

MSC Gülsün012MSC Gülsün is a so called Megamax-24 type containership. Meaning 24 bays in length, 24 boxes on top of each other (12 below and 12 on deck) and 24 boxes in width.

MSC Gülsün025As MSC Gülsün arrived straight from Algeciras, Bremerhaven is now the very first port in the North Range to be called by such a huge vessel.

MSC Gülsün033The huge funnel is the result of an installation with SOx scrubbers
to comply with the IMO 2020 sulphur (oxide) emission regulations.

MSC Gülsün043In Bremerhaven vessels of this size need to berth with starbord side alongside and therefore are turned in a special turning area.

MSC Gülsün045MSC Gülsün was assisted by three tug boats. Two aft and one forward of the vessel.

MSC Gülsün049MSC Gülsün and all vessels of her size will be the first containerships to have more than 60 metres of width (61,51 m).

MSC Gülsün064After turning the vessel can proceed backwards towards her berth at MSCGate terminal, Bremerhaven.

MSC Gülsün077Almost there..

MSC Gülsün090MSC Gülsün was alongside in Bremerhaven for around 29 hours and left the port on time on the day after towards Gdansk, Poland.



Ems transfer of AIDAnova

AIDAnova00 AIDAnova01 AIDAnova08 AIDAnova13 AIDAnova14 AIDAnova20 AIDAnova27 AIDAnova30 AIDAnova31 AIDAnova32 AIDAnova36 AIDAnova42 AIDAnova49 AIDAnova52Meyerwerft’s latest newbuilding AIDAnova is passing Jann Berghaus bridge in Leer on October 09th, 2018.
The vessel is on the river Ems being transferred from her building yard (Meyerwerft in Papenburg) to the North Sea.
During her voyage she passed the A28 motorway as well as many turns on the river.
She is the world’s first cruise vessel to be fueled with LNG.
Built: 2018 | IMO No.: 9781865 | Gross tonnage: 183,200 | Flag: Italy | Passenger capacity: approx. 5,200

Grounding of CSCL Indian Ocean on river Elbe

In the evening of February 3rd , 2016, around 10.20 p.m. the CSCL Indian Ocean ran aground close to Grünendeich most certainly due to a rudder failure.

On February 7th, 2016 I was able to take some shots of the stranded vessel.

CSCL Indian Ocean09CSCL Indian Ocean still at her position off the fairway.

Panorama CSCL Indian OceanThe panorama view shows all vessels operating around the vessel.
Most vessels are tug boats or dredgers.

610_0799The inland vessel Dresden II is just leaving the scene with MDO which it pumped off the CSCL Indian Ocean in order to lighten the ship.

DSC_8498Thousands of visitors came to the river in order to get a view at the scene. Even the traffic information on the radio mentioned the chaos alongside the river on both riverbanks.

610_1040 610_1043Very impressive was the passage of 13,000 TEU container vessel Hanjin Asia passing by the scene with a draft of 14.2 metres.

The CSCL Indian Ocean will most certainly have to stay in her position till Tuesday February 9th, 2016 since this will be the time with the next spring tide. Until this moment the only thing the salvage staff can do is dredging the area as well as pumping all ballastwater as well as all fuel out of the ship.



CMA CGM Marco Polo – maiden call Bremerhaven, December 14th, 2012.

CMA CGM Marco Polo – the largest container vessel ever built – is arriving in Bremerhaven during her maiden voyage on December 14th, 2012.
Built: 2012 @ Daewoo Shipyard, Okpo – South Korea | IMO No.: 9454436 | Gross tonnage: 175,343 | Flag / Port of registry: United Kingdom / London | Flag: United Kingdom | Container capacity: 16,020 TEU | Length overall: 396.00 m | Max Draft: 16.028 m | Breadth: 53.60 m | Main engine power: 80,080 kW | Max Speed: 24.1 knots

MSC Daniela – first call to Bremerhaven, April 07th, 2010

On April 07th, 2010 Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) sent the MSC Daniela to Bremerhaven for the very first time.

Technical data: Delivered: 12/2008 | IMO No.: 9399002 | Gross tonnage: 151,559 | DWT: 155,438 tons| Length overall: 366.0 m | Breadth 51.29 m | max Draft: 15.60 m | Flag: Panama | Container capacity: 13,798 TEU | Owner: Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) | Main Engine: MAN B&W with 72,240 kW | Speed: 23.5 kts | Shipyard: Samsung, Koje Island, Korea

Edit: all information is related to the time when the pictures were taken

MSC Daniela – first call to Antwerp, May 27th, 2009

MSC Daniela – MSC’s biggest type of containervessels. She and her sisters are the second biggest containervessels in the world. Maersk’s E-type is still a little bit bigger.
All pictures were taken at the river Scheldt on May 27th, 2009 during her very first call to Antwerp.
Delivered: 12/2008 | IMO No.: 9399002 | Gross tonnage: 151,559 | DWT: 155,438 tons | Length overall: 366.0 m | Breadth 51.29 m | max Draft: 15.60 m | Flag: Panama | Container capacity: 13,798  TEU | Owner: Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) | Main Engine: MAN B&W with 72,240 kW  | Speed: 23.5 kts | Shipyard: Samsung, Koje Island, Korea

Edit: all information is related to the time when the pictures were taken

Disney Dream in Bremerhaven – November/December 2010

Meyerwerft’s latest cruise vessel Disney Dream is arriving in Bremerhaven in the evening of November 30th, 2010.

Technical data:
IMO No.: 9434254 | Year of Build: 2010 | ex Names: none | Gross tonnage: 128,000 | Length overall (m): 339.55 | Maximum breadth (m): 36.88 | Maximum draught (m): 7.93 | Shipyard: Jos. L. Meyer Werft, Papenburg, Germany | Yard / Hull number: 687 | Maximum Speed (kn): 24 | Maximum passenger capacity: 4,000 | Crew capacity: 1,453 | Homeport / Flag: Nassau / Bahamas | owner/operator: Disney Cruise Line