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Venta Mærsk

Venta Mærsk01 Venta Mærsk06 Venta Mærsk09Venta Mærsk is arriving in Bremerhaven on September 22nd, 2018 on her maiden voyage in stormy weather conditions.
She is the very first Mærsk vessel which successfully passed the Northern Sea Route on her way from Busan to Bremerhaven. The ice strengthened container vessel is purpose built to serve as a feeder vessel for Mærsk Line’s Baltic Sea loops and will join her service in Bremerhaven.
Built: 2018 | IMO No.: 9775763 | Gross tonnage: 34,882 | Flag: Denmark | Container capacity: 3,596 TEU

Eugen Mærsk

Eugen Mærsk001 Eugen Mærsk008 Eugen Mærsk012 Eugen Mærsk016 Eugen Mærsk019 Eugen Mærsk022 Eugen Mærsk030The rebuilt Eugen Mærsk on her maiden voyage after being rebuilt to carry upto 16,810 TEU.
The picture is taken on the river Elbe between Brunsbüttel and Otterndorf.
Main changes which were carried out by a Chinese yard was a slow-steaming bulb, the raising of the deckhouse by about one deck, raised lashing bridges by one tier, and antiroll tanks.
Built/Rebuilt: 2008 @ Odense Shipyard (Odense/Denmark) / 2016 @ Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry (Qingdao/China) | IMO: 9321550 | Gross Tonnage: 171,542 | Flag: Denmark | Port of Registry: Randers | Container capacity: 16,810 TEU | Length: 397.70 m | Breadth: 56.40 m | Draft: 16.00 m | Speed: 27 kn | Owner: A.P. Möller

Elly Mærsk

Elly Mærsk01 Elly Mærsk06 Elly Mærsk13Elly Mærsk is passing Bath on May 09th, 2015.
Built: 2007 @ Odense Shipyard (Odense) | IMO: 9321536 | Gross Tonnage: 170,794 | Flag: Denmark | Port of Registry: Svendborg | Container capacity: 15,500 TEU |Length: 397.70m | Breadth: 56.40m | Draft: 16.00m | Speed: 27 kn | Owner: A.P. Möller

Maersk Kalea

Maersk Kalea (MM-030914-1)Chemical tanker Maersk Kalea is laid up at Rotterdam’s Calandkanaal waiting for a free berth on September 03rd, 2014.
Built: 2004 | IMO No.: 9256298 | Gross tonnage: 25,507 | Flag: Singapore | Cargo capacity: 32,160 m³